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Ruixin Energy Equipment

• Ruixin Energy Equipment is a company engaged in Slickline unit truck ,Wireline PCE, wireline tools , pressure test pump design and manufactring of the company. The company is located in Baoji City High-tech Development Zone, meexisting mechanical processing equipment more than 30, with more than 40 of skilled and experienced technical personnel.

• Ruixin Energy Equipment is an ISO9001 certified and API certified company, a high-tech enterprise and gazelle enterprise in Baoji, with more than 20 R&D patents.


• In the past 20 years, Ruixin Energy Equipment has only focused on the research and development and manufacturing of slickline equipment and tools, built a high-tech enterprise with excellence and pursued the professionalism and accuracy of products. Always follow the site, serve the site, and solve the site problems with rich experience and technology; Ensure the practicability of the product. To provide excellent equipment and sincere service for slickline service companies in China and other countries around the world.


• In technical design,with the service concept of high standard, we gather excellent design teams, use three-dimensional design software such as soliworks and UG, and combine finite element analysis to ensure that the personalized requirements of customers are fully met.

• In production, select high-quality components recognized by both the industry and customers, strictly control and supply special materials to ensure the reliable realization of product functions.the construction process is strictly standardized, so as to achieve high-quality construction and high-quality delivery, strictly implement the quality management concept of API Q1, and continuously optimize.

• Every customer's product, from the customer's demand to the product scheme design, process planning and field manufacturing, completely records the quality control process of every link of product production, so that the quality is in a completely controllable state.

• The company completes the registration and filing of each product, completes the safety reserve of after-sales spare parts, completes the after-sales return visit and improvement, and ensures that every customer gets a pleasant and comfortable service experience.

• Ruixin Energy Equipment will continue to study deeply in the field of slickline equipment, keep improving, and lay a solid foundation for sincere cooperation with global customers in the future.