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Analysis of Butterfly Change of Ruixin Energy Equipment

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Analysis of Butterfly Change

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From the previous small-scale enterprises to modern enterprises with partners. The company has successively won the high-tech enterprise certificate, invention and new patent, tax credit grade A and bank credit grade AAA, etc. Ruixin Energy Equipment strove forward and embarked on a path of butterfly change. From small to large, from weak to strong. Our customers' support and trust is the driving force for our progress. First of all, thank all the customers who trust us. Thank you for your support over the years, which gives us the confidence to serve everyone and make us confident to do better. Secondly, the development of the company is closely related to the efforts of employees. Thank all the staff of the company for their silent efforts, and thank you for your ten-year efforts. The days of working together are happy, and the days of struggling together are unforgettable; Thank you for all your efforts. Thanks to every family, it is because of everyone's efforts that we have the strength to endure everything, expect and gain. Once again, I would like to thank all department leaders of the company for their guidance and help. Everyone's selfless dedication to the company, thanks to the colleagues who worked side by side with the company, thank you. Let's strive together and work together!

Grasp professional quality and win the market with honesty

If I had to say the secret of success, it would be honest management and quality assurance. Although the company now has a complete quality management system, it is still necessary to strictly control it and start from the details of the work. Start from the dribs and drabs of life. Follow the company's quality policy: leading science and technology, casting well-known brands! Continuous improvement to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Professional strength and after-sales service guarantee

 If customers need it, then our sales staff should be ready to provide good service to customers at any time, or they can cooperate with relevant technical service staff to provide quality service to customers. Sow a seed and reap the fragrance of the ground! In recent years, Baoji Ruixin has made continuous innovation and rapid development, and has successively won many honors such as High-tech Enterprise Certificate, Trademark Registration Certificate, National Invention Patent Certificate, National Utility Model Patent Certificate, Member of Baoji Credit Association, Tax Credit Grade A, Bank Credit Grade AAA, etc. It is highly trusted by customers for its excellent quality and excellent service. Unique technical design and many years of popularity, won the praise of many customers.

Repair, maintenance and technical guidance services for imported products and similar products;

On-the-well operation guidance service;

Technical training services for tools;

Design of special well accident treatment tools and special operation tools;

Matching tool strings according to well conditions and operation requirements;

After-sales three-guarantee service.

Enterprise culture construction. Strengthen team consciousness

It is the soul of a cultural enterprise and the spiritual guide of employees. How to subtly convey the corporate values and business philosophy to every employee, so as to create a team with high cohesion and loyalty? Ruixin's approach is to conduct all-out training, group birthday dinner, company travel, holiday gifts, red envelope lottery and other activities, and at the same time promote the company's corporate culture propaganda work, such as exhibition publicity and word-of-mouth publicity. Establish a good public image inside and outside the company, and urge everyone to work hard for the common goal. "Baoji Ruixin" gradually condenses the "invisible" enterprise spirit and culture with tangible activities, awakens employees' sense of ownership, and makes employees have a strong sense of belonging in the enterprise. Keeping up with the pace of the times, Ruixin comers dare to fight hard and catch up. With full enthusiasm and strong creativity, they empower the development of enterprises and help them achieve greater breakthroughs in the future.

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Enterprise slogan:

The success of an enterprise comes from the efforts of every employee.

Strive to be first-class employees, create first-class products and create first-class enterprises together. Communicate more and complain less; More understanding, less arguing. Self-improvement and healthy competition; Appreciate and support each other.Customer first, reform and truth-seeking, people-oriented, unity and progress.

Strengthen the sense of competition and build team spirit.

Remember the past, work silently, and gather strength! Show the future, don't change your mind, take sincerity as the foundation!

RuiXin peoples will continue to work hand in hand, innovate pragmatically, take good quality control, build a good reputation, march forward all the way, make great strides, and give back to our customers with better service. As time goes by, all employees of Ruixin Energy Equipment . thank you for your support and trust in our work for many years. We will make persistent efforts, strive for excellence, and strive for products that satisfy customers.

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