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Main system of oil drilling rig

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Petroleum machinery and equipment

Petroleum machinery and equipment is an important tool in the production and development process of petroleum enterprises. With the development of science and technology, there are more and more types of petroleum machinery and equipment, and their performance is more and more perfect. In this context, the previous equipment management methods are obviously no longer suitable for the management and maintenance of current petroleum machinery and equipment. In this regard, oil companies should conduct in-depth analysis of problems in management and formulate targeted optimization strategies.

China wireline tools –Ruixin(1)1. Classification and characteristics of petroleum machinery and equipment

There are various types of petroleum machinery and equipment, usually including reaction equipment, cold exchange equipment, pumps, instruments and professional machinery, etc. The variety of types makes the maintenance and management of petroleum machinery and equipment more complicated. In the petrochemical industry, there are many types of products, which leads to a variety of types and specifications of petroleum machinery and equipment. In the production process of petrochemical products, due to different products, various types of equipment are used, so the equipment required for management is also different. In the production process, it is necessary to strictly control the standards and temperature, otherwise the quality of the products will not meet the standards, so the production process specifications and technical requirements in the production process are very strict. In view of the above reasons, in the management and maintenance of petroleum machinery and equipment, it is necessary to have professional staff to operate to avoid unnecessary losses and damage to the development of the enterprise.

2. Petroleum machinery and equipment management and maintenance measures

 Establish and improve the management system of petroleum machinery and equipment

Most oil companies are limited by funds, and their oil production equipment has not been updated all the year round. Some companies even only do simple maintenance in their daily management work. The problem of equipment aging is serious, which increases the difficulty for the development of equipment safety management. In response to this problem, oil companies need to develop a scientific and reasonable inspection and update mechanism for petroleum machinery and equipment according to the actual situation of the enterprise while improving economic benefits, and repair the machinery and equipment technology that detects problems or may have hidden dangers. Or eliminated, to avoid causing safety accidents and threatening the personal safety of staff. This work requires professional and technical personnel with sufficient experience and high quality, and at the same time, it is necessary to have a sufficient understanding of the internal situation of the oil enterprise, and be able to provide real and effective suggestions for the equipment management of the enterprise.

Implement management standards and strict on-site management

According to the actual situation of the oil enterprise, the superior organization of equipment management should select high-quality managers from units at all levels to be responsible for the equipment management work of the department. In carrying out management and maintenance work, various management systems should be carefully observed to obtain good work results. Managers should pay attention to cultivating good working methods. In the daily inspection work, supervise operators to carefully record the handover situation, and keep a series of information materials in the operation of equipment, so as to facilitate better management and maintenance of equipment. The work should be done in a primary and secondary order, not only to find out the cause of the failure, but also to repair and restore quickly. Managers should increase the supervision of the site to ensure that the inspection operation is carried out within the specified time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Investigations have found that petroleum machinery and equipment often operate in very harsh environments and are easily affected by many factors, thereby reducing the performance of machinery and equipment, resulting in various operating failures. In response to this situation, oil companies need to actively carry out the management and maintenance of petroleum machinery and equipment, detect potential threats and hidden dangers in a timely manner, scientifically repair and replace mechanical parts with serious wear and tear, and ensure the operating efficiency of petroleum machinery and equipment.

Implementation significance of management and maintenance of petroleum mechanization equipment

The efficiency and effect of oil extraction will be greatly affected by the operation efficiency of petroleum machinery and equipment. Oil companies often invest a higher cost in the process of purchasing petroleum machinery and equipment. Then, it is necessary to scientifically implement the management and maintenance of petroleum machinery and equipment to avoid the problem of equipment damage and prolong the service life of machinery and equipment. In addition, in order to meet society's demand for oil, petroleum machinery and equipment need to run continuously for a long time, so the problem of wear and tear is easy to aggravate. Through the development of management and maintenance work, oil companies can detect and eliminate deep-seated security threats in time, so that the probability of emergencies will be significantly reduced.

Key Contents of Petroleum Machinery and Equipment Management and Maintenance

At present, oil production equipment is very complex and large-scale, such as oil pumping units, oil transportation devices, etc. In the process of management and maintenance of petroleum machinery and equipment, it is necessary to fully clarify the focus of machinery management, and apply targeted management and maintenance measures in combination with the specific conditions of petroleum machinery and equipment. Specifically, we need to pay attention to the following aspects: Ensure equipment balance Once an unbalanced operation occurs in the mechanical equipment, the performance of the equipment itself will be degraded, and oil production failures will easily occur. Therefore, in the practice of oil extraction, it is necessary to strictly control the balance of the equipment. When checking the balance of the equipment, it is necessary to check the balance block comprehensively and measure the current intensity scientifically. Taking the pumping unit as an example, it is necessary to control its current balance rate within 70%. During the operation of the equipment, technicians need to pay attention to the operating conditions of the pumping unit in real time. If the balance does not meet the requirements, targeted adjustment and optimization measures need to be taken. Generally speaking, the balance weight can be arranged at the appropriate position of the pumping oil beam, or the balance weight can be installed at the corresponding part of the crank bearing.

 A comprehensive view of the mechanical connection parts

The survey found that there are many equipment connection parts in petroleum machinery facilities, and technicians need to focus on and check these parts. Taking the pumping unit facility as an example, technicians need to carefully check the loose parts and noise parts, such as rotating gears and loose screws. In the specific inspection, the observation method and other methods can be used comprehensively, so as to find and solve the hidden troubles such as broken shaft and loose screws in time, so as to avoid causing greater harm.

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