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The management and maintenance of petroleum machinery and equipment is extremely important for petroleum enterprises, which is related to whether the petroleum enterprises can work normally. The management and maintenance of these equipment should fully consider the actual characteristics of petroleum enterprises and fully implement relevant management norms.



Baoji Ruixin Introduction to wire work

Wire operation is the operation of operating downhole tools by means of wire and cable wound on the winch and mechanical lifting and lowering.



New Year, Believe In Yourself !

A New Year A new journey has begun Let us seize the moment and strive forward Live up to every day in your life



OPEC lowered its global oil demand growth forecast again this year and next.

due to the great uncertainty of the global economy in the coming months, OPEC lowered its forecast for the growth of global oil demand this year and next again on Monday. This is the fifth time since April this year that OPEC has reduced its global oil consumption forecast.



Analysis of Butterfly Change of Ruixin Energy Equipment

RuiXin peoples will continue to work hand in hand, innovate pragmatically, take good quality control, build a good reputation, march forward all the way, make great strides, and give back to our customers with better service.



Main system of oil drilling rig

Petroleum machinery and equipment is an important tool in the production and development process of petroleum enterprises. oil companies should conduct in-depth analysis of problems in management and formulate targeted optimization strategies.



Healthy companion and Health tips

Healthy companion-Health Tips Technical professional! Quality assurance! Customers trust! Baoji is new! Be innovative!

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