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Running & Pulling Tools

Running and Pulling tools are mainly used to launch and salvage underground equipment.

According to the salvage neck of grabbing: inner salvage and outer salvage.

According to the different ways of letting go, it can be divided into upper and lower hands.

The GS Type Pulling Tool is an essential piece of equipment used in wireline operations. It is primarily designed to retrieve or pull out objects or tools from a wellbore. This tool can grip a wide range of objects and is versatile enough to be used in various applications.

Another crucial tool in wireline fishing operations is the Wireline Skirted Magnet. It is a powerful magnet that can effectively retrieve small metallic debris that may have fallen into the wellbore during drilling or completion operations. This tool is an excellent option for operators looking to efficiently clean up debris from the wellbore.

The Bell Guide Set is a vital component of slickline wireline operations. It is used to guide tools and instruments through the wellbore and prevent damage to the wireline. The Bell Guide Set ensures that the tools are precisely placed in the target location, leading to accurate and reliable results.

Overall, these tools play an essential role in wireline operations, providing reliable and efficient solutions to various challenges encountered during well completion and intervention activities.